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Real Estate and Spouse Dying

The Mash Team speaks about what you should know when dealing with the death of a spouse. For more information, please contact the Linda Mash at http://www.TheMash.Team.ca or call the offer for appointment for free no obligation consultation at 1-888-472-2767. Find us on Facebook, Linked-in, or Twitter.

Divorcing and Buying and Selling

When a marriage falls apart, someone will need to deal with the matrimonial home. The Mast Team is here to help you thru the process. For more information, please contact the Linda Mash at http://www.TheMash.Team.ca or call the offer for appointment for free no obligation consultation at 1-888-472-2767. Find us on Facebook, Linked-in, or Twitter.

Beware of the Pitfall When Selling Yourself

Who is Looking out for you when you try and negotiate the Terms and conditions of an agreement to Buy or Sell Real Estate.  Why its important to hire the right Professional. Most times they will actually save you time and money. Would you want to self diagnose if you have an illness or have a Doctor help you thru the process. This is what realtors are trained to do. Help you buy and sell Real Estate. We know the market. For more information please go to http://www.TheMashTeam.ca or call 1 888-472-2767. Find us on Face Book, Linked-in and Twitter.

Avoid Using the Wrong Realtor

When hiring a realtor, be sure to hire one that will listen to you, understand your needs and your wants and will only show you homes that fit your criteria. The Mash Team has over 40 years experience and will help you thru-out the process. You can get us on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Home and Land Magazine, http://www.TheMashTeam.ca or thru the office at 1 888-472-2767.


An Offer isn’t just about Price

Whether you’re a home buyer or seller, one of the most exciting, yet stressful parts of the entire real estate process is negotiating an offer. Many of us have spent a fretful few hours, or even a sleepless night, while an endless series of questions filled our minds: Will the price be appealing? Will the offer be accepted? Can we come to terms about conditions? Will the deal go through?

While price is most certainly a major – if not the major – factor in whether or not an offer gets accepted, there are still a number of other considerations that all play a part in the decision-making process. This is particularly true in cases where multiple bids are being considered. Offers aren’t just about the price and how savvy a buyer is when putting one together can make all the difference.

Of course, having the right real estate professional to negotiate on your behalf is another major factor that could mean a difference of thousands of dollars in your pocket, or even whether the offer is accepted at all. Here are a few points that may help to improve your negotiating position:

  • Choose a sales professional with a proven track record of success. You’ll benefit from the experience of a representative who has already negotiated the sale of similar homes in the same area.
  • Be open, direct and completely frank with your sales representative . After all, they’re representing your best interests! To do it well, they’ll need to clearly understand your needs, your goals and your limitations.
  • Make your offer as free of conditions as possible. There are many conditions that can be eliminated with a little advance planning. For example, if you pre-qualify for a mortgage, you won’t have to include a condition that allows you time to set up financing. Your Coldwell Banker professional can counsel you about the many options available to you.
  • Keep the terms of your offer as close to the listing as possible. Remember, all things in an offer have value. The closing date or certain exclusions may have tremendous importance to the seller, but not to you. The closer your offer ‘mirrors’ the listing, the more appealing it will be.


Five Questions Sellers Should Ask When Choosing a Real Estate Representative 

Selecting a real estate representative to assist in the largest financial transaction a person will likely ever make is a critical part of the home selling process. In a challenging economic environment where competition among real estate companies is on the rise, choosing the agent that’s right for you can be a confusing task. Coldwell Banker®suggests home sellers start by interviewing several real estate agents to find someone with whom they “connect.”  However, chemistry is not the only variable to consider. The length of time an agent has been in the business, his or her home sale success rate and knowledge of the local market can also play a significant role in the decision-making process. To jump-start the conversation, Coldwell Banker suggests five essential questions home sellers should ask before selecting a real estate representative.

1. How long have you been in the real estate business and what has your success rate been in terms of home sales over the past 12 months? The length of time a real estate representative has been in the business and their home sale success rate demonstrates their knowledge and expertise in the industry. Ideally, a home seller will want to work with an agent who has a high percentage of completed transactions within your home’s price range.

2. What was the average amount of time it took to sell those listings? Comparing marketing times between the agents you are interviewing will provide you with an indication of how well that agent markets homes.

3. What was your list-price to sale-price ratio? Significant differences between original listing prices and ultimate sale prices can be an indication that the list prices quoted at the outset were unrealistic.

4. What is your online marketing plan to sell my property? In Canada, the vast majority of home buyers begin their home search on the Internet. Therefore, the real estate representative you select should have a strong online marketing presence as well as be visible through social media outlets in order to reach the widest possible audience. Websites such as Coldwell Banker On Location, a branded YouTube™ channel, allow real estate agents to showcase their listings and local knowledge by tapping into the power of video and offering consumers a new way to search for homes online.

5. Do you have references you can share from past clients? References allow you to gain additional insight into the day-to-day workings with the real estate agent. Gathering reputable references will help ensure that you select the best real estate representative for your needs.

Want to know more about where to find a great real estate representative anywhere across Canada?  Visit www.coldwellbanker.ca to view details for thousands of real estate professionals.

How to choose a real estate professional

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it can sometimes be a difficult task. You can make it that much easier by choosing the right realtor. Successful real estate professionals know that today’s informed and techno-savvy customers need service that goes far beyond the transaction itself. In order to succeed in today’s market, the best real estate professionals are emerging as facilitators of a comprehensive service process that encompasses the entire homeownership experience – before, during and after the sale.

When choosing a realtor, you can start your selection process by examining their track record. What companies and what salespeople have already proven their success in your marketplace? Ask lots of questions of anyone soliciting your business. Do they have experience working with your type of property and in your price range? What other business background or special skills do they have that puts them in a better position to understand and respond to the needs of today’s consumer? Are they well connected to the community and how do they keep abreast of local events that may impact property values? What other home related services can they assist you with? Can they help with creative financing options? Can they recommend trusted and reliable service providers for your home inspection, legal or moving services?

One thing you can rely on is that today’s real estate salesperson is a true professional. Industry standards and licensing requirements demand that every real estate professional completes a rigorous course of instruction and examinations before they are entrusted with your business. Ongoing education from company or industry programs further enhances their skills. When choosing a real estate representative, ask them about their training, experience and performance history. That information, combined with how clearly and how convincingly the representative builds their own case, will help you to make the right choice. After all, if a representative does a good job of convincing you, they’ll probably be just as convincing when they represent your best interests.

But while a good salesperson will offer good service, the best salesperson offers service that changes with the times. They use cutting edge technology to respond more quickly and more knowledgeably to their customers’ needs than would have been thought possible just a few years ago. They market their customers’ properties not only by posting a listing on a company website, but also through innovative vehicles as Personal Retriever?, an online property search engine from Coldwell Banker that matches thousands of listings against your dream home wish list. Other digital marketing tactics such as personal websites and e-newsletters are all part of an effective agent’s online campaign.

Finally, you’ll want a sales representative who listens to you, who understands your needs, and ideally a representative who will commit to your customer satisfaction.


A trusted real estate agent provides experienced counsel, guidance and unparalleled local expertise – all essential ingredients for anyone on the hunt for a home.  But for first-time home buyers, the first step can be one of the most intimidating.

To help first-time home buyers, The Mash Team has provided the following tips to identifying the right real estate professional:

  1. Ask around: Friends and family can be the first source of helpful information.  Referrals are the leading source of finding an agent.  If your new to the area or don’t have references, you should feel free to contact the manager of your local Coldwell Banker R.M.R. Real Estate office.  Once you explain your situation and needs, the manager should be able to suggest a few names.
  1. Questions for potential candidates: As you meet potential agents, you should feel empowered to determine if the agent’s personality and skills are a good match.  Some of the key questions that might help you make a decision include:

o   What is your experience in the Durham Region?

o   What is the average price point of homes that you help people buy and sell?

o   Could I provide me with some of your past or current clients references?

o   Tell me about the brokerage firm where your work?  How long has it been around? 

  1. Examine their online presence: Many real estate professionals are especially savvy when it comes to marketing themselves online.  They list their areas of specialty.  Some post tours of their local areas, demonstrating their expertise.  If the person is highly-visible and socially active online, it is also a good indicator that he or she is connected to the right tools and technology that come in handy for home buyers. Don’t be afraid to inquire about their experience using video when it comes to real estate.  Cutting edge agents can point you toward video tours, community videos and more to give you a real life sense of the areas you are considering.  Buyers can also go right to TheMashTeam.ca or  coldwellbanker.com to find a local office and look at profiles for the professionals who work there. 
  1. Go with your gut: After consulting with friends and family, doing research and looking online, the buyer’s instinct is often right on.  He or she will have a good “gut” feeling as to whether a person will be a good fit for the house-hunting process.