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Are you fit to buy, Are you pre-approved for a mortgage? Have you determined on your needs, wants and desires. As real estate experts, The Mash Team can help.

Fitting Into Today’s Housing Market


Today’s ever-rising real estate prices often mean one of two things for buyers — they must either increase their budget, or downsize their housing expectations.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) reports that the construction of single-detached homes fell between 2012 and 2016. The lower inventory, coupled with increased demand, resulted in a rise in prices for this housing type. In many cases the result is that buyers who initially planned for a single-family house will be settling into condos, while some would-be condo buyers may have to reassess how to fit their lives into even more compact footage.

Looking at condo construction, the CMHC notes that although there might be a slight decline in condo starts this year, there will be a rebound in condo construction next year due to increased demand for more affordable housing.

In the meantime, residents moving into more “cozy” condos need to be creative about how they fit into their smaller spaces. Luckily, furniture manufacturers are responding to the demand for space-efficient solutions and designing options specifically for today’s condos. Furniture that flips up, slides out and folds down can now be cleverly concealed to fit into any space.

Don’t automatically dismiss a condo with great features, a reasonable price and other plusses because you think it’s too small. Today’s options make it easier than ever to complete your condo with clever space solutions that fit all your needs!

Call today to find out about the many condo configurations available in today’s market.

Thinking About Moving in 2017?

Time For A Fresh Start?

PhotoThe New Year is within sight. If your New Year’s resolution is to make a housing move in 2017, now’s the time to start working on it!

Current homeowners need to know that because of a lack of housing inventory in many areas, their home may sell faster and perhaps for more money than they expect. But as all real estate is local, you’ll want to get the latest updates on sales activity in your immediate area to get the best understanding of what to expect for your own real estate activities.

“National sales and price trends continue to be heavily influenced by a handful of places in Ontario and British Columbia and mask significant variations in local housing market trends and conditions across Canada,” notes Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) President Cliff Iverson.

CREA Chief Economist Gregory Klump gave an example from this summer’s real estate activity in western Canada: “Home sales continued to trend lower while price gains further accelerated in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.” He added, “This suggests that sales are being reined in by a lack of inventory and a further deterioration in affordability.” Successful real estate transactions require the steady guidance of an experienced real estate sales professional. Please call today so we can review your current housing situation in relation to your plans for 2017.

5 Walk-Through Surprises and How to Avoid Them

A house may look one way when it is decorated and furnished, but once vacated, bumps and bruises may show that could cause a wrench in the closing. Here are five common issues that arise during a walk-through and how to handle them.

The following is a guest post from Cara Ameer, an agent with Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

You’ve survived the inspection and loan approval process. You are almost to the closing table and ready to sign on the dotted line, but before you arrive, there is one last hurdle to climb known as “the walkthrough.” Whether you are a buyer or seller, this process can be nerve-wracking – as a buyer, you may be thinking: Will the house will still look how I thought it did? Will everything be empty and in good condition? And as a seller, you could be worried whether the buyer will be satisfied with what they see, and what if they raise concerns?

First, it is important to understand what a walkthrough is as well as its purpose.

A walkthrough is when a buyer walks through the property either the day prior or on the way to closing to ensure all is in substantially the same condition as it was before.

You may think this is a quick process that should take no more than 10-15 minutes at the most, but it is the buyer’s last look at the house before making what is likely the single largest purchase in their life. They will be closely scrutinizing everything. Additionally, because in all likelihood this is their first time seeing the house completely empty, this could raise some issues not previously seen.

A house may look one way when it is decorated and furnished, but once vacated, bumps and bruises may show that could cause a wrench in the closing. Here are five common issues that arise during a walkthrough and how to handle them:

1. Flooring – discolorations on wood or carpet. This happens as a result of furniture and rug placement over long periods of time, coupled with sunlight that could cause fading or discoloration of the exposed flooring around it. The buyer doesn’t initially see this, as a seller’s belongings are never moved for showings or inspections. Consequently, on a walkthrough of a vacant house, this could result in visibly noticeable variations in the floor finish as well stains, particularly on carpet. As a seller, you may have forgotten about some stains that are on the carpet where furniture and/or area rugs have sat on top of it for years.


Before putting your house on the market, check any areas of your home that have had furniture and/or rugs sitting on top of floor surfaces. If there is discoloration, consult with a wood flooring specialist on how to address, call in carpet cleaners or consider possibly replacing/repairing the flooring in question before going on the market. Note any issues upfront to establish condition at the time the home goes on the market to a buyer and on a seller’s disclosure so as to avoid any surprises later on.


2. Walls — Once the artwork and flat screen TVs comes down, the walls are often left with nail holes, brackets and possibly discoloration where objects were previously hung. While it may seem premature when an offer is received to even think about dismantling the house, discuss with your agent a plan for “spackle management” when finalizing contract terms. Better to deal with this upfront vs. trying to figure out what to do right before closing because nothing was mentioned in the contract. Setting realistic expectations at the outset as to what you as a seller will do, such as spackling, will hopefully avoid a buyer’s request for you to repaint walls entirely. It may be that the buyer likes the existing placement for artwork and your television and will want these areas left as you had them.

3. Leftovers – While these are always appreciated after a good Sunday dinner, your left over house stuff is not always wanted or needed by the buyer of your home. Moving always brings a “don’t know what to do with pile.” It may be a stray chair, file cabinet, old lawn hose or other various odds and ends. Don’t assume the new owner will be glad to have these items. Check with the buyer first, if they don’t want them, play it safe and have them removed BEFORE the final walkthrough.

4. Garbage – Speaking of removal, don’t leave garbage cans full of trash for the new owner to take out. The buyer has enough to deal with as far as coordinating movers, getting utilities turned on, waiting for the cable guy and all that goes along with setting up a new home. This is usually a surprise not discovered until the walkthrough or their first trip to the house as the new owner. A pile of trash either in the garage or on the driveway is not a closing gift that should be left behind.

moving boxes

5. Mover Damage – With a moving crew transporting furniture and boxes out of your house, the opportunity exists for unintended damage to occur. Drywall dings, nicks, scratches or gauges can be left, often not discovered until a buyer does their walkthrough, or of course right after they go to the house after closing. Once the movers are finished, do your own “move-out” walkthrough with them to check for any damage. Discuss with your movers ahead of time the plan for handling any damage and have a trusted repair person on standby to take care of any issues should they occur.

The Halves Vs. The Have-Nots


Today’s rising rents have prompted many a renter to contemplate the prospect of buying a property and putting their rent money into a mortgage instead, but the high price of buying real estate is often impossible for the solo buyer. So what to do? Some homeowner hopefuls enter into buy-sharing arrangements, where they split the property purchase with a friend or family member.

Co-owning a home can make an otherwise impossible dream a reality, but you and your co-buyer have to be prepared to continuously communicate with each other on a number of different levels. Here are just a few points to start the conversation:

  • Is the home purchase being split 50/50, with all expenses divided evenly between the two of you?
  • Are just one, or both of you going live in the home, or is to be just an investment property?
  • Are you looking for a move-in-ready property, or a fixer-upper?
  • If you buy a property that needs work, is this something you will do yourselves or will you hire tradespeople? Do you have the skills, time and budget to renovate?

Your first priority should be to secure independent legal advice. While you and your buddy get along and share the same dreams now, never lose sight of the fact that buying a home together is a long-term business deal, subject to legal obligations and responsibilities. Once you confirm your co-ownership agreement and sign the necessary paperwork, then you’ll be ready to move forward!

913 Renaissance Drive Oshawa

Sold Over Asking, In Under 24 hours

Wheel Chair accessible Home that is designed to bring the outdoors in. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Ontario from your back yard and back bedrooms, Newly renovated Kitchen w new back splash and large eating area overlooking your manicured front garden. 3 Renovated bathrooms with new vanity’s and light Fixtures.  Home has personality to spare with a open concept Living/ Dining and Family Room.  Beautiful master suite with walk-in closet, new carpets, and Ensuite. Two additional spacious bedrooms have double closets, fresh paint and great views of the lake.  Home has the bonus of a finished basement, that features a office , and 2 additional Bedroom. Manicured Garden’s have made this home Recipient of the Community’s in Bloom Award.. Perfect for family gatherings. Lots of recent updates including fresh paint, new kitchen, New flooring. and large 3 season solarium. Tranquil setting.

913 Renaissance Drive Oshawa

Sold Over Asking, in under 24 hours

Wheel Chair accessible Home that is designed to bring the outdoors in. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Ontario from your back yard and back bedrooms, Newly renovated Kitchen w new back splash and large eating area overlooking your manicured front garden. 3 Renovated bathrooms with new vanity’s and light Fixtures.  Home has personality to spare with a open concept Living/ Dining and Family Room.  Beautiful master suite with walk-in closet, new carpets, and Ensuite. Two additional spacious bedrooms have double closets, fresh paint and great views of the lake.  Home has the bonus of a finished basement, that features a office , and 2 additional Bedroom. Manicured Garden’s have made this home Recipient of the Community’s in Bloom Award.. Perfect for family gatherings. Lots of recent updates including fresh paint, new kitchen, New flooring. and large 3 season solarium. Tranquil setting.

Record year for Durham home sales

Durham region reported a record number of sales in 2015. “There were 11,848 residential transactions in 2015, 9.3 per cent higher than the number of sales in 2014”. This result includes 548 sales that took place in December 2015.  The number of new listings was only up three per cent in 2015 compared to 2014 as a whole. The high number of sales compared to a lower number of listings created a substantial amount demand within the market.

In addition to rising sales, Durham experienced a strong increase in price growth. The average selling price for Durham Region in 2015 was $442,082. This represents a 12.9 per cent increase from $391,692 in 2014. The average selling price for the month of December 2015 was $451,671.
This year, we have seen a steady increase in price and sales growth. Competition between buyers and low interest rates have resulted in upward pressure on sale prices. This is evidence that the demand for home ownership in Durham Region has remained strong throughout 2015.






By the numbers: Top employers in Durham Region

10. Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, 700 Gordon St. Whitby: 1,100 employees

9. Durham College, 2000 Simcoe St. S., Oshawa, also campus in Whitby: 1,100 employees

8. University of Ontario Institute of Technology, 2000 Simcoe St. S., Oshawa, with a campus in downtown Oshawa: 1,483 employees

7. Durham Catholic District School Board, 650 Rossland Rd. W., Oshawa: 1,750 employees

6. Ontario Ministry of Finance, 33 King St. W., Oshawa: 2, 710 employees

5. General Motors, 1908 Col. Sam Dr., Oshawa: 4,000 employees

4. Lakeridge Health, 1 Hospital Court, Oshawa, with sites in Bowmanville, Whitby and Port Perry: 4,037 employees

3. Durham Region, 605 Rossland Rd. E., Whitby: 5,635 employees

2. Durham District School Board, 400 Taunton Rd. W., Whitby: 5,874 employees

1. Ontario Power Generation, nuclear plants in Clarington and Pickering: 6,000 employees

Information from Durham Region economic development department as of August 2015

Dog Parks and Off-Leash Areas in Ontario

Traveling with Your Family Pet This Summer.
This post has gone to the dogs!  We have compiled a huge list of dog parks and off-leash areas in Ontario for you and your dog to visit.
Remember to check each location for the specifics rules.

blackberry 230


Prospect/Halton Hills Park- 30 Park Avenue


Greenwood Conservation Area (limited area)- Church Street

Westney Off-Leash Area- Westney Road and Clements Road West


Ancaster Leash-Free/Cinema Park- Golf Links Road


Wildflower Park- 42 McCarthy Crescent


Industrial Parkway- South of St.John’s Sideroad


Sunnidale Dog Park Off-Leash Area- Bayfield/Coulter

Barrie Molson Centre- 555 Bayview Drive


Pooch Path- Quinte Conservation Area

City of Belleville Dog Park- East Zwicks


Caledon Animal Shelter- 12889 Coleraine Drive


Scanlon Creek Bark-Park- 9th Line and Yonge Street


Bramealea Community Park- Highway 410 and Williams Parkway

Chris Gibson Park- McLaughlin Road North (Behind the Chris Gibson Recreation Centre)

Duggon Park – Centre Stret at Ken Whillans Drive, South of Vodden Street

White Spruce Park- South of Esker Lake School


Dogford Dog Park- Broadway Avenue


Brockville Dog Park– Broadway Avenue


Bomanville Off-Leash Dog Park- 401 and Liberty Street


Bayview Park (A.K.A. Wag Park)- 1800 King Road

Norton Community Park- 4275 Dundas Street


Riverbluff Park– Maplegrove Road, East of Boxwood Avenue


John Waddell Park- 57 Water Street


Dog Town- 7508 Poplar Sideroad


K-9 Courtyard- 3045 Pitt Street

Elliot Lake

ARF Off-Leash Park- McQuarrie Place


Fergus Dog Park- 840 Glengarry Crescent

Fort Erie

Sugarbowl Dog Park- Gilmore and Central Avenue


Cedarvale Park- Main Street and Maple Avenue


Goderich Dog Park- Corner of Sunset Drive and Warren Street

Grand Bend

Dog Beach- Pinery Provincial Park


Centennial Park – 377 College Avenue West

Crane Park- 96 Dovercliffe Road

Eramosa River Park  – 259 Victoria Road South

John Gamble Park  – 594 Kortright Road West

Lee Street Park – 71 Lee Street

Margaret Greene Park – 80 Westwood Road

Norm Jay Park – 22 Shelldale Crescent

Riverside Park – 709 Woolwich Street


Cathedral Dog Park– 707 King St. West

Hamilton SPCA- 245 Dartnall Road

Hill Street Park- 13 Hill Street

Birch Avenue- 330 Wentworth Street

Borer’s Falls Dog Park- 491 York Road

Little John Park- 110 Little John Road

Chegwin Park- Chegwin Street

Cinema Park- Beside Cineplex Theatres on Golf Links Road

Strachan Street- 134 Strachan Street East


The Hawkesbury Dog Park- Phillipe Street


Freedom Dog Park- End of Williams Street off of Ravenscliffe Road

Huron East

Seaforth Dog Park- 215-229 Main Street South


Georgina Leash Free Dog Park- 685 Lake Drive North


Kincardine Dog Park- Bruce Avenue East of Queen Street


Grass Creek Park  – 2991 Hwy. 2 E.

MacLean Trail Park  – 918 Hwy. 15

Meadowbrook Park  – 444 Kingsdale Ave.

Memorial Centre  – 303 York St.

Rotary Park  – 1280 Coverdale Dr.


McLennan Park- 901 Ottawa Street South


Howlers Corners Off-Leash Dog Park- Ken Reid Conservation Area


Greenway Off-Leash Area – Greenside Ave, off Springbank Drive, fenced area

Pottersburg FIDO Off-Leash Area – Hamilton Rd at Gore Road, fenced area

Stoney Creek Off Leash Area – Stoney Creek Meadows Adelaide St N at Windemere


Town of Markham Dog Park- Northwest Corner of Miller and Rodrick Avenue


Central Bark- At Cedar Edge Park 230 Cedar Hedge Road


Etobicoke Valley Park- Dundas Street and Southcreek

Garnetwood Park- Garnetwood Chase and Rathburn Road East

Indian Summer Trail Park- Eglinton Avenue and Kennedy Road

Jack Darling Park- Lakeshore and Clarkson Road

Lakeside Off-Leash Park- Winston Churchill and Lakeshore

Quenippenon Meadows- Erin Mills Parkway and Erin Court Boulevard

Sheridan Creek Trail- Southdown and Lakeshore

Totoredaca (Toto)- Meadowvale Boulevard East of Mississauga Road


Global Pet Foods Dog Park- Bayview Parkway, north of Davis Drive (not open as of publish date)

Bendor-Graves Dog Park  – 17858 McCowan Road, Easy Gwillimbury

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Dog Park- Fireman’s Park on the Corner of Dorchestor Road and Mountain Road


Glenashton Park- 1051 Glenashton Drive

Kingsford Gardens- 2667 Kingsway Drive

North Park- 3070 Neyagawa Boulevard

Palermo Park- 2345 Dundas Street West

Post Park- 512 MacDonald Road

Shell Park- 3307 Lakeshore Road West


Oliphant Dog Park- County Road 13 (Sauble Falls Parkway)


Orangeville Off-Leash Dog Park- Hansen Drive (Behind mall)


Harmony Creek Dog Park- Rossland Road and Grandview


Amberwood Pathway – 72 Trailway Circ.

Apollo Crater – 600 Apollo Way

Beauclaire Park  – 947 Beauclaire Dr

Beaver Pond Park  – 243 Walden Dr

Berrigan Woods ( Edgewater) – 70 Berrigan Dr.

Burnett/Escarpment – 135 Sherway Dr.

Charlemange – 1200 Charlemagne Blvd.

Friargate Park – 6368 Friar St.

Greenpointe Park – 29 Greenpointe Dr.

Half Moon Bay District Park / Corrigan Pond – 3420 Jockvale Rd. / 2565 Half Moon Bay

Heritage Park – 6160 Orleans Blvd.

Insmill Park – 67 Insmill Cr

Judy Laughton Park – 241 Goldridge Dr

Kanata Town Centre Stormwater Pond – 5599 Campeau Dr

Kimmins Court Park – 250 Walden Dr

Landsdowne Park- 1015 Bank Street

Logan Lea – 51 Steacie Dr

Mary Scott Park – 4 Vineyard Dr.

Mystery Park – 985 Orleans Blvd.

Notre – Dame Des Champs Park – 3659 Navan Rd.

North Harrow – 32 North Harrow Dr.

Parkland (Hydro Corridor)  – 43 Brady Ave

Parkland (Hydro Corridor) – 55 Whernside Terrace

Pheasant Run Park – 18 Pheasant Run Dr.

Ray Friel Park – 760 Vinette Cres.

Trillium Woods – 700 Goulbourn Forced Rd

Troyes Park – 7964 Decarie Dr.

Varennes Park- 1595 Varennes Blvd.

Village Green Stormwater Pond – 84 Birkendale

Watter’s Woods – 11 Spinney Way

* For a complete of all of Ottawa’s Off Leash Parks please visit the City’s Website

Owen Sound

Owen Sound Dog Park- 1st Avenue East

Parry Sound

Killbear Dog Beach- 35 Killbear Park Road (Nobel)


Awenda Provincial Park (Designated Areas Only) – 670 Concession 18 East


Peteborough Dog Park- 1900 Ashburnham Drive (Within Farmcrest Park)


Grand Valley Park- Concession 3 and Valley Park Road

Port Burwell

Port Burwell Provincial Park- 9 Wilson Lane

Port Colborne

Elm Street Naturalization Site- Elm Street/Regional Road 68

Port Elgin

Saugeen Shores Off-Leash Dog Park– 961 Lehen Street

Port McNicoll

Port McNicoll Dog Park- Highway 12 and Talbot Street (on OSPCA property)

Richmond Hill

Phyllis Rawlinson Park- 19th Avenue and Leslie

Tower Hill Park- Tower Hill Road and Yonge Street


Blackwell Park- Blackwell West of Modeland Road North


Seaforth Park- Main Street


Catherine Street Park – 69 Catherine Street (Russel Ave and Catherine)

St. Jacobs

Pawzone K9 Outdoor Play Park- 1553 King Street North

St. Thomas

Lions Dog Park- 25 Talbot Street


Stouffville Off-Leash Park- Rougeview Avenue


Strathroy Caradoc Dog Park- Corner of Yonge Street and Concession 10


Stratford Dog Park- Packham Road


Minnow Lake Dog Park- Corner of 2nd Avenue North and Donna Drive


Grace Patterson Park- By Highway 119 and North of Highway 2

Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay Off-Leash Park- Central Avenue


Riverview Dog Park- 31 Mattagami Boulevard


North York District:

Bayview Arena Park 3230 Bayview Ave.

Earl Bales Park 4169 Bathurst St.

Ross Lord Park 4801 Dufferin St.

Linkwood and Spanbridge Park 400 Linkwood Lane

Sherwood Park 190 Sherwood Avenue.

Sunnybrook Park Below the Sunnybrook Hospital, on the west side of the West Don River.

Woburn Park Northwest section of the park. Woburn Park is located just east of Bathurst off of Cranbrooke Drive.

Yonge and York Mills 4070 Yonge St., north of York Mills on the west side of Yonge St.

Toronto & East York District:

Allan Gardens (west end) 160 Gerrard Street East, Gerrard & Jarvis Street

Barbara Hall Park 519 Church Street at Wellesley Street East

Bickford Park 400 Grace Street at Harbord Street

Cassels Avenue Playground 69 Cassels Avenue at Brookside Avenue

Cedarvale Park 1611 Bathurst Street at Lonsdale Road

Cherry Beach (at the foot of Cherry Street )

Clarence Square 25 Clarence Square

Coronation Park 711 Lake Shore Blvd. W

Craigleigh Gardens 160 South Drive.

David Crombie Park 131 to 171 The Esplanade at Lower Sherbourne Street

Don Valley Brick Works 550 Bayview Avenue

Gerrard Carlaw Parkette 855 Gerrard St. E.

Greenwood Park 150 Greenwood Avenue at Dundas Street East

Hideaway Park 23 Audley Ave

Hillcrest Park 950 Davenport Road

Kew Gardens 2075 Queen Street East at Lee Avenue At the foot of Lee Avenue, on the beach delineated by fencing.

Merrill Bridge Road Park 1 East Lynn Ave.

Monarch Park 115 Hanson Street at CNR tracks

Norwood Park 16 Norwood Road, Woodbine & Gerrard Street

Oakcrest Park 30 Oakcrest Avenue at Woodbine Avenue

Orphan’s Greenspace 51 Power St.

Park Drive Reservation Lands 200 Park Drive at Mt. Pleasant Road

Pawsway- 245 Queens Quay West (by Harbourfront Centre)

Ramsden Park 215 Avenue Road

Riverdale Park East 550 Broadview Ave

Riverdale Park West 375 Sumach Street at Carlton Street, southeast of Riverdale Farm

Silver Birch Park From the foot of Silverbirch Ave. to the foot of Nursewood Rd.

Sir Winston Churchill Park 301 St. Clair Ave. W.

Sorauren Avenue Park 289 Sorauren Ave.

South Stanley Park 845 King Street West at Adelaide

Stan Wadlow Park 888 Cosburn Ave.

St. Andrew’s Playground 450 Adelaide St.W.

Thompson Street Parkette 120 Broadview Ave

Trinity Bellwoods Park 790 Queen Street West at Shaw Street

Vermont Square 819 Palmerston Ave. (Bathurst & Dupont area)

Wildwood Crescent Playground 110 Wildwood Crescent (Gerrard & Woodbine area)

Withrow Park 725 Logan Avenue at Danforth Ave.

Wychwood Car Barns Park 575 Christie St. (Christie St. and Benson Ave.)

Etobicoke & York District:

Beresford Park 400 Beresford Ave.

Colonel Sam Smith Park (RL Clarke WT Plant), 1 Colonel Sam Smith Park Dr

Don Russell Memorial Park Birmingham Street at Faustina Drive

Earlscourt Park 1200 Lansdowne Ave.

High Park (designated area) 1873 Bloor Street West at Parkside Drive

Humber Bay Park West 2225 Lake Shore Blvd. W.

King’s Mill Park 105 Riverwood Parkway (South of Bloor)

Marie Curtis Park 2 Forty Second Street, Lakeshore and Browns Line

Sir Casimir Gzowski Park 2001 Lakeshore Blvd. W.

Scarborough District:

Botany Hill Park 277 Orton Park Rd.

Colonel Danforth Park 130 Old Kingston Rd.

Frank Faubert Wood Lot (Hand of God Park)  185 Borough Drive

L’Amoreaux  1900 McNicoll Avenue (at Silver Springs Blvd. and McNicoll Ave.)

Scarborough Heights Park 27 Fishleigh Drive

Thomson Memorial Park 1005 Brimley Ave.

Warden Woods Park Pharmacy Ave. (Entrance on Pharmacy, north of Teesdale Place)


Trenton Dog Park- Highway 33 and Movie Lane


Happy Tails- Baldoon Road


Vaughan Dog Park- Concord/Thornhill Regional Park – 299 Racco Parkway

Wasaga Beach

Dog Beach-  Beach Area 3 (dogs must remain on leash and can use the water) 21st Street

Wasaga Beach Bark Park- Oakview  Woods Outdoor Complex – 1724 Mosely Street


Bechtel Park- 185 Bridge Street


Broadway Dog Park- Broadway Stret

Remington Park- Lillian and Edinborough


Woodstock Dog Park- Henry and Butler Street

Top 10 things to do this weekend July 17-19  

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Enjoy another weekend full of events and activities happening across Durham. With a variety of festivals, free music and more, you can find something for everyone. Click on the blue highlighted words to learn more about each event.

Summer means ribfests, and this weekend Uxbridge is holding Ribfest from Friday to Sunday. This family friendly event features an interactive zone wth activities, local vendors, a classic car show on Sunday and, of course, ribs and beer. Enjoy musical performances from Canadian country singers Leah Daniels and Beverly Mahood. Doors open at noon on Friday, and at 11 a.m during the weekend. Finish off Uxbridge Ribfest with a classic car show on Sunday. The festival is run by the Bonner Boys, an Uxbridge organization that helps the community.

The Broken Arts collective invites you to Broken Arts Fest this Saturday, July 18 at Memorial Park in Oshawa. This all-day free festival features 19 bands and musicians from Durham and across Ontario who will hit the stage and show off a variety of musical styles.  The lineup includes Pony Girl, Ivory Park, Surf Cactus, Mitch Tones, RedVIOLET and more. Music begins at 11 a.m and the festival will also feature local vendors selling homemade goods and food. Check out Broken Arts Facebook page for more information.

The Pan Am Games continue over the weekend with the preliminaries of boxing in Oshawa. Watch as both men and women face off in the ring, with powerhouse nations United States and Cuba ready to go for gold. The matches will be held at the Oshawa Sports Centre. The event will use the single elimination format and amateur scoring system, which requires athletes use precision and speed in order to win. Expect action with this sporting event.


SOUNDTRACK OF THE CITY FESTIVAL: Music City North is bringing more than 30 bands to multiple venues this Friday and Saturday. See a variety of musicians at venues like Wasted Space and The Atria. Wristbands are available. Enjoy live music for a great price.

 AJAX KARAOKE IDOL AND NWMS COMEDY SHOW: Watch winners from a local karaoke competition with the top three being chosen. Comedic performances from Carla Collins and Keesha Brownie.

MOVIES IN THE PARK: Enjoy a free movie with a twist on the classic drive-in experience. Head over to Miller’s Creek Park in Ajax with your blankets, chairs and the whole family to watch ‘The Sandlot’ on a giant inflatable screen.

DOGS DAYS OF SCUGOG: The 13th annual event is going to the dogs all weekend long in Port Perry. Bring the whole family and dog for two days of fun. Speak with breeders and animal rescues, browse hundreds of products for your dog and even enter your dog in an agility course. Click here for more information.

SUMMER ARTFEST IN BROOKLIN: Join in on a fun-filled day and celebrate the arts this Saturday from 10 a.m to 4 p.m at Grass Park. Live entertainment, a barbecue, art activities, a marketplace and a juried art show will be on site.

DURHAM REGION REUSE DAY: The public can dispose of good quality, reusable household items and building materials which will benefit local charities this Saturday from 9 a.m to 1 p.m. Acceptable items include bedding, furniture, appliances, cabinets,  and countertops. Help give back this weekend.

FAMILY FUN DAY: Have fun thanks to the Faith Five Fellowship of Ministries this Saturday with a variety of games and activities , a jumping castle, barbecue and more. Bring a non-perishable item for admission, which will go to a local food bank.

Find out even more things to do this weekend on our events page.