Household Tip: Cleaning with Condiments

KETCHUP: Rub ketchup on your copper pots to make them gleam again; it’s acidity helps dissolve tarnish and stubborn spots.

MUSTARD: Mustard powder can actually be used as a deodorizer in containers that have acquired a smell from its previous contents, or pans that have cooked strong-smelling meals such as curry. To get the smell out, mix mustard powder and hot water together in the container, let it sit for half an hour, then wash out as usual.

MAYONNAISE: Use mayonnaise to rub unsightly water marks out of wooden furniture, and to remove sticky adhesives and glue from glass. Bring the shine back to large-leafed houseplants by wiping leaves with a mild soap and water mixture first, then using a paper towel to rub a dab of mayo into the tops of leaves.

VINEGAR: Vinegar has a huge cleaning capacity, from windows to floors, to getting stains off shower doors and disinfecting your cutting boards. Consider mixing vinegar with lemon juice to cut the pungent smell. $cbrmr

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