Thrifty Gift Wrapping Gifts

Photo‘Tis the season for gift giving. Wrap up your gift wrapping duties with these tips for an organized and cost-effective assembly.

  • Save time by creating a dedicated gift-wrapping station with all your supplies. Even a folding card table in the corner of a room does the trick. Equip it with scissors, tape, a glue stick, gift wrap, gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons, gift tags and pens, all together in one spot.
  • Save on gift wrap: use rolls of brown kraft paper, newspaper comics, magazine pages, leftover fabric and wallpaper scraps, or even an old road map for a fun gift wrap alternative.
  • Make the wrapping a part of the gift by utilizing colorful scarves, tea towels, even tablecloths or towels as giftwrap. Secure the ends with knots or safety pins, or tie up with ribbon, yarn or twine.
  • Look around for bow alternatives. Candy is always dandy, while sprigs of holly, twigs and seasonal greenery add natural charm to your gift.
  • Instead of non-biodegradable foam chips, create your own, colorful packing material by running used giftwrap or colorful magazine pages through a shredder.
  • Don’t discard extra bits of wrapping paper or even old cards; cut them down for use as gift tags.
  • Decorate brown paper lunch bags instead of using more expensive gift bags. Insert the gift, then fold the bag over, punch holes through the fold, lace yarn or festive ribbons through the holes then finish with a green sprig from the outdoors.

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