Explaining Draining

PhotoA clogged drain or toilet is no fun, especially when you have to call a plumber only to discover that the only way to get your pipes draining again is to drain your bank account! Here are a few tips to avoid and prevent clogs.

Toilet: Toilet paper is the only foreign matter that should be flushed. Throw dental floss, Q-Tips, baby wipes, sanitary products and other paper products in the garbage — if flushed down the toilet they can plug the flow or cling to roots in the sewer to cause a clog. With toys being a common toilet-clogging culprit, you’ll want to make sure small children learn and respect the power of the flush early on too.

Bathroom sink and shower/tub: Place mesh screens over all your drains to catch hair, bits of soap, toothpaste and other gunk. If residue builds up inside the pipes, it can quickly escalate to create a slow-running, then clogged drain. Also keep an eye on small toys that can be thrown out with the bath water, and potentially choke the drain.

Kitchen sink: Never pour oil, fats or grease down the sink. Maintain a clear drain by, at the end of every day, running the water at the hottest possible temperature for a few minutes. You can even throw in a handful of baking soda and follow it with hot water to freshen up your drains. If this seems like a waste of hot water, consider the alternative — the potential cost and inconvenience of dealing with a clogged drain.

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