8 Flooring Alternatives that Will Make You Rethink Hardwood

For homeowners looking to give their home a statement update, new flooring can be a great way to make a big impact and add value. Gone are the days where wood or carpet was your only option for this major upgrade, however. It seems that every year, a plethora of new options appear on the market and turn the traditional choices into a much harder decision. From tile that looks like wood to carpet that looks like tile, we’ve rounded up some of the newest in flooring options for your home.

1. Bamboo

For an eco-friendly update, bamboo can be a great real-wood alternative to hardwood. Because bamboo grows quite quickly, it is a renewable resource which can add a more modern, streamlined look to your home. And without the hefty price tag that accompanies hardwood, your wallet will feel good as well.

Closeup of Bamboo floor

Image Source: Morguefile/jackiebabe

2. Cork

No longer relegated to the wine cellar, cork, another eco-friendly choice, makes a durable, quiet, and comfortable flooring option that comes in a variety of shades and colors. Easy to install, cork makes a great DIY project and can be found in rolls, planks, or tiles.

3. Porcelain

Before you think 80s eyesore, porcelain is making a real comeback with earthy designs and modern forms like tile planks that simulate wood. This makes porcelain a perfect choice for damp areas of the home, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Beautiful bathroom with wood-look floor

Image Source: Morguefile/melgil123

4. Vinyl

While wall to wall vinyl is still an economical and practical use, vinyl tile can be a quick update that can even be placed over some current surfaces. Several brands of vinyl tile can even be grouted to add a sophisticated look for a fraction of the price.

5. Concrete

Polished and decorative concrete floors are quickly making their way out of the industrial and into the mainstream for flooring and even countertops. Decorative concrete can be polished to a high sheen which can mimic natural stone and provide a luxe addition to any space.

Closeup of polished concrete floor

Image Source: Flickr/Mr Thinktank

6. Laminate

A good standby, laminate has come a long way in recent years, allowing for easier installation and more durable surfaces. Able to replicate virtually any natural flooring surface, including hand-scraped wood and bamboo, laminate is a quick and easy replacement for areas where time and/or money are a concern.

7. Reclaimed Wood

Even modern homes are dipping into the past for their hardwood it seems, and reclaimed wood fits the need perfectly. Salvaged floors from older homes or barns are reused or recreated into earthy flooring that harkens back to a time of intense craftsmanship and happily shows its age with knots, scratches, and color variations.

8. Carpet Tile

The perfect choice for rooms that get a lot of use, such as rec rooms or play areas, carpet tiles allows you to create a look that is as individual as you, with possibilities that are virtually endless. Durable to the core, carpet tiles can easily be removed and replaced one at a time, so spills and damage are no longer a mammoth concern.


Image Source: Flickr/atravellingmom

With all of the options today, every homeowner can create the space of their dreams, with a little bit of imagination. Adding value to a home is a critical component of upgrades, so ensure your new look will suit the rest of the home before you decide and have a great time choosing the next floor in your home!

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