Don’t Be a Chicken! Try these 20 Creative Easter Egg Ideas

Easter is just a few days away which means it is almost time to dye eggs!

We all many fond memories of dying eggs at home.

For those who celebrate, I am sure you can remember the good old days of buying thePaas egg kit that came with those little round tablets that you had to drop into vinegar. Somehow your hands always ended up getting stained an odd greenish brown color. I really wish I had known about this GENIUS idea. Today there are so many options! Eggs kits that have glitter, stickers, sparkles and pretty much anything you can think of.

For those who want to skip the kit and think “outside the carton” ere are 20 unique ideas for making beautiful Easter eggs.

Monogram Easter Egg
Check out Lil’ Luna for instructions


Natural Dye Easter Eggs
Check out Big Sis Lil Sis for instructions


Rubber Band Easter Eggs
Check out Inkspired Musings for instructions


Water Color Easter Eggs
Check out Alisa Burke for instructions


Flower Pressed Easter Egg
Check out The Magic Onions for instructions


String Easter Eggs
Check out Craftberry Bush for instructions


Glitter Easter Egg
Check out Sew and the City for instructions


Edible Easter Eggs
Check out Barefoot Witch in the Kitchen for instructions


Chalk Easter Eggs
Check out Shelterness for instructions


Rhinestone Easter Eggs
Check out Martha Stewart for instructions


Metallic Easter Eggs
Check out Think Crafts for instructions


Sequin Easter Eggs
Check out Craft Ideas for instructions


“Lunch Note” Easter Eggs
Check out Lil’ Luna for instructions


Black and White Easter Eggs
Check out Obviously Sweet for instructions



Tissue Paper Easter Eggs
Check out Aunt Peaches for instructions


Waxed Easter Eggs
Check out The Magic Onions for instructions


Elegant Easter Eggs
Check out Country Living for instructions


Punched Easter Eggs
Check out Lolly Chops for instructions

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