24 easy and inexpensive ways to upgrade your bathroom

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There’s no need to invest in a full reno.

The right combination of paint will give the look of granite counters.

painted granite countersPhotos: dukesandduchesses

You’ll need sponges for this one.

An antique window makes a great medicine cabinet.

bathroom hack medicine cabinetPhoto: lizmarieblog

How-to guide here.

DIY a mason jar soap dispenser.

DIY hand soap dispenserPhoto: lovegrowswild

Instructions here.

And keep mouthwash in a classy crystal decanter.

mouthwash decanter bathroom hackPhoto: lisacomments

You could also store shower products in fancy bottles.

shower bottles DIY bathroom hackPhoto: theidearoom

Learn how to make these yourself here.

Add a little greenery.

bathroom plant upgradePhoto: sometimesdivine

Use a vintage ladder as a towel rack and/or storage shelf.

bathroom ladder hackPhotos: cleanandscentsible, Pinterest

Invest in a nice shower curtain.

shower curtain bathroom upgradePhotos: Urban Outfittersdesignsponge

Or if you have an ugly shower door, take it down and replace it with a nice shower curtain.

shower door removal bathroom hackPhotos: Apartment Therapy

Step-by-step guide here.

Paint your ugly vinyl or linoleum floors.

Painting bathroom floor tilesPhotos: marywisemandesign

Tutorial here.

And do the same with the ceramic tiles around your shower.

how to paint bathroom tilesPhotos: domesticimperfection


You can also paint your unsightly bathtub.

bathtub painting upgrade hackPhoto: beautifulmatters

Or cover it with airstone.

airstone bathtub hack bathroom upgradePhotos: lovelycraftyhome

How it’s done.

Buy a beautiful set of towels and a new bath mat.

bath mat towel bathroom hackPhotos: fatherrabbitthemerrythought

Swap out your old shower head and curtain rod for something shiny and new.

shower head bathroom upgradePhotos: signaturehardwarecarnationhomefashions

Make yourself a handsome wooden bath caddy.

bathtub caddyPhoto: lemonthistle

An easy DIY project.

Replace the standard toilet paper holder with a much fancier one.

toilet paper holder bathroom upgradePhotos: Apartment Therapy

Ideas here.

While you’re at it, upgrade the towel rack with something that has storage potential.

bathroom upgrade hackPhoto: Pinterest

Or try using vintage door knobs.

door knob towel rackPhoto: Pinterest

Frame a basic bathroom mirror.

bathroom mirror frame diyPhotos: lizmarieblog

And the light switch.

bathroom light switch framePhoto: memyselfndiy

Cut down on clutter by using a shower caddy under the sink to keep random toiletries organized and out of sight.

shower-caddy-bathroom-sinkPhoto: thecraftiestcouple

Hang wicker or wire baskets to store extra hand towels, toilet paper and magazines.

basket-storagePhotos: Our Fifth House, abeautifulmess

How-to here.

And for even more storage, install a shelf over the doorway.

bathroom-organization-3Photo: Pinterest


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