4 Winter DIY Projects to Try Out With Your Kids

Baby it’s cold outside! Stay in and try out these adorable winter DIY projects.

Oh the weather outside is frightful but these DIY projects you can do inside are delightful! ♩♪♫

Homemade Snow Globe | Our Best Bites

This is quite possibly the cutest DIY project I have ever found. Our Best Bites created amazing DIY snowglobes in this easy to follow tutorial. Wondering how long these last? One of their readers commented that hers last over 12 years and is still going strong! What a great keepsake!


Sock Snowmen | Dark Room and Dearly

If you want to stay away from holiday decor and stick with something more seasonal then this project is a must try. These sock snowmen are affordable and easy to make and especially perfect for kids who may live in warmer climates who can’t build an actual snowman (or snowwoman) outside.

DIY Popsicle Snowflakes | YouTube HeyKayli

Not only is this a great arts and crafts project but once you are done you have a ton of homemade decor to hang around your home. Side note: how adorable are Kayli and Brailee together in this video?

Life Size Cardboard Gingerbread House | Inner Child Fun

And if you REALLY want to win parent of the year the last DIY project that is too cute to pass up is this life size gingerbread house.

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