The Best of Thanksgiving: 7 Stuffing Recipes

Turkey may be the star, but stuffing is the most delicious side kick. You’ll be thankful for this scrumptious holiday recipe round-up.

There may not be a less photogenic food than stuffing, but if you ask me, it’s the most delicious dish on the Thanksgiving table. Before you pass the stuffing this year, be thankful that we’re serving up some of our favorites here on Coldwell Banker’s “The Best of Thanksgiving.” This year, like the 108 years we’ve been in business, we’re thankful for home…and all the delicious details that come with it.

Cornbread Stuffing

Wild Rice & Cranberry Stuffing
Wildrice stuffing

Herb & Apple Stuffing

Oyster Stuffing
oyster stuffing

Tortilla Chip & Chorizo Stuffing
tortilla stuffing

Sausage Stuffing
Sausage Stuffing

Whole Wheat Bread Stuffing
Whole Wheat stuffing

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