More Gift Ideas for Kids

Balance Blox 5ft Indoor Tightrope Set

Designed for little feet, this kid-friendly slackline kit offers lots of balancing fun for beginners while helping build motor skills. Set low to the ground for safe play, Balance Blox includes a slackline Slacklineand pole for stability between two non-slip blocks (Blox).
• Encourages the development of motor skills, concentration and body control.
•Fun and challenging for children.
• Popular Slackline concept!
•Builds self confidence.
•Perfect for playroom, classroom or backyard
•Tools Included For Easy Setup.

Weight capacity approximately 125lbs.

Includes 2 non-slip Blox, 1 Slacklines and 1 Pole.

Winner of the 2014 Astras Toy of The Year Award!

Manufacturer #: SLA.492
Mastermind #: 135359
Package Dimensions: 15″ x 3″ x 12″

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